Class concluded

Full Moon 'Me-treat'

DateSaturday 27th February, 15:00 pm

Additional information
Duration2 hours
LevelAll Levels
EquipmentBlocks if you have them for the vinyasa part and a pillow, blanket and warm clothes for the second half
About this class

The theme of this Full Moon 'Me-treat' is on the element water and the associated second (svadhisthana) chakra. We will be looking at finding flow, flexibility, and fun! This will be the ultimate me-time event, which I’m lovingly creating as a yoga journey through our senses. You’ll receive a specially curated goody bag of items that will be used alongside a yoga journey from yang to yin.  This is truly going to be a magical experience. We’ll start with a vinyasa flow to create some heat before we move to a mindful yin practice. With a sense of calm and awareness, we will briefly journal on some key points with a theme of fresh starts and you relationship with others and yourself. We’ll use this to set a Sankalpa (intention) for our short Yoga Nidra practice that we’ll end on, including a mini sound bath, to create the ultimate experience of deep relaxation and a sense of rejuvenation.