Wellbeing with Sara Picken-Brown

Wellbeing with Sara Picken-Brown

Sara Picken-Brown

Series 2: Build Your Power Yoga Endurance

Classes1 video
Average Duration47:03
Equipmentblocks, straps, mat

About this class

During this 6 session series, we will begin to build the strength and endurance of body, mind and breath required for your evolving practice. What we learn on the mat is patience and to navigate discomfort and challenges with grace. I invite you to explore this series of sessions with care, explore playfully and remember if you ever begin to find your ego leading the way, stop.. gather your breath and begin again. Remain playful and explore with curiosity. Namaste ~~ Thankyou for watching and I hope you enjoy the variety of wellness content here for you to engage in Yoga, Nutrition,Pilates, Fitness, Conscious Living and Meditation!

Uploaded: February 16th, 2021

Videos included in this series

Building Your Power Yoga Practice (45min)
Building Your Power Yoga Practice (45min)

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