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Mindful Nutrition Workshop

DateFriday 23rd April, 12:30 pm

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Duration45 mins
LevelAll Levels
Equipmentnotepad & pen
About this class

How does what you eat impact how you feel, your mood, your pain levels, your hormone balance? This 45min chat focuses on the connection between the gut & mood, ways to reduce inflammation in the body. We look at pro's & cons of 'intuitive eating' and 'intermittent fasting' and offer strategies you can apply today that make sense. ~ Sara Picken-Brown: www.sarapickenbrown.com ~ Sara's Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/figure_genie

Special instructions

Bring your burning questions. The workshop is structured to share key information and give each participant the chance to ask the burning nutrition questions and learn in this collaborative group discussion. *Guest pass discount does not apply*