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Barre (45min)

DateWednesday 5th May, 11:00 am

Additional information
Duration45 mins
LevelAll Levels
Equipmentsmall pilates ball, blocks, 1kg ankle weights (optional)
About this class

HiiT Barre fitness is a hybrid class – combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Encorporating the fitness concept of Hiit, this low impact weights/resistance session is designed to get your heart rate up & your full body conditioned. Barre also focuses on high reps of small range movements. A low impact workout for the full body with a strong focus on core, legs, hips and back.

Special instructions

We advise that you avoid eating up to an hour before your practice, ensure you are hydrated and your environment is warm but well ventilated. Feel free to put on your favourite tunes and enjoy this upbeat full body workout.