I’m Aisha Nash, and I teach anti-diet Yoga - it's Yoga without the guilt, without the emphasis on your body and it's about making things accessible for you!

I’ve spent the majority of my life on one diet after another, until one fateful morning I woke up and decided enough is enough.

After completing a degree in Biology, I was attracted to training as a pastry chef, and it was after a few years of being a chef I burnt out and rediscovered my love for Yoga. It had always been a source of peace in my life, however at this time it also healed my body from the injuries being a chef had caused.

I now spend my time trying to empower women to break up with the cultural hierarchy that is sold by the diet industry. To reclaim and decolonise what Yoga has become. My true goal in life is for all women to realise they do not need to be fixed, they are incredible and strong as they are.