I believe that in order to effectively balance the realities of living in today's world, we have to nurture our bodies and minds first. My priority is the help my students find that healty relationship with movement.

My goal is to help people find freedom in their bodies and the joy of movement. Sometimes, the mainstream narrative of the fitness industry can make us forget that moving is anything beyond trying to one part of our bodies to be smaller or bigger. ​ Instead I hope to move us beyond physical perfection and visuals aesthetics, through movement that first and foremost serves our bodies functions. I want us to move well and sustainble, so that rather than finding crazy shapes that are solely impressive today, we build long term strenght that will allow us to be free in our bodies in the years to come.

I know first hand what it's like to pursue extreme shapes instead of moving how our bodies are meant to. After completing traditional trainings in both vinyasa yoga and mat Pilates, my biggest passion became the science of movement. Since then it has been my goal to learn about functional anatomy so I can empower students by educating them about their bodies. I have finished an anatomy-based practical mentorship program and I am LYT yoga certfied the only yoga method built from a physiotherapy standpoint. ​ Many people (myself included!) can find the fancy studios, chanting, and talk of sutras a little too much. That's why I want to show you a fresh and very digestible way to practice yoga. I believe that you can enjoy the benefits of yoga just by focusing on the physical practice and interpreting the philosophical message in a contemporary way!

Contact: Lena@starlikemovement.com Starlikemovement.com

  • 200hr Vinyasa RYT
  • 200hr LYT Level 1 RYT
  • Mat Pilates Qualification
  • LYT 101 Sequencing 10hr