Growing up as an elite acrobatics gymnast it was a strong Power Vinyasa practice that got me hooked, completing 350hrs Power Vinyasa training with Duncan Peak at Power Living Australia. Having since completed 200hrs with Jason Crandell focused on alignment, and also 50hrs Rocket Yoga with The Yoga People, and I am passionate about bringing depth and variety to the practice. Balancing these strong practice styles, I love to combine Yin, Myofascial release techniques and meditation to find more softness and space in both body and mind. Expect to be challenged in class with strong, unique flows, and juicy stretches with a light-hearted, playful vibe. I enjoy finding expression through movement and love breaking down more challenging poses to make them accessible and work for everyone in class. Having fun, getting out of your thoughts and landing back into breath and body. Expect to flow, play and relax leaving refreshed and balanced from class!

  • 200 HR Power Living Australia - Power Vinyasa
  • 100HR Jason Crandell - Creating Space and Freedom: Hips + Legs
  • 100HR Jason Crandell - Integrity and Stability in the Spine + Core
  • 100HR Insight Yoga - Yin & Yang
  • 75HR Power Living Australia - Mind Blowing Sequencing & Theming
  • 75HR Power Living Australia - Next Level Teaching & Leadership
  • 25HR Yoga Medicine - Myofascial Release
  • 27HR Rainbow Kids Yoga - Kids & Family Yoga
  • 50HR The Yoga People - Rocket Yoga