Rita Mangan

Rita Mangan

Rita Mangan

I first fell in love with yoga in my late teens, while at University in the UK. I was fascinated with how it made me feel, without really understanding what yoga is all about.

While living in Japan, I stumbled upon a yoga class, which was in Japanese. Although I didn't understand a word the teacher was saying, something about it got me hooked and I felt calm afterwards.

A year later, coincidentally I was asked to teach a group of Japanese ladies a yoga class in English, and in return they would teach me Japanese. Thrown into the deep end, I took this opportunity and loved every minute of it.

It wasn’t until a life-changing emergency operation in 2015 that really changed my perspective on yoga, so I enrolled on a Yoga Teacher Training course in 2017.

The daily meditations and the practice of gratitude really helped me heal, especially for my mental health from the trauma, depression and anxieties that came as a consequence of the operation.

Previously, I practised yoga to de-stress, to fix aches and pains, but now yoga, is also my go-to place to move and exercise my body, to stay healthy, to be strong, in mind and body, to love myself and accept my imperfections.

In my yoga classes, I combine strength, mobility and flexibility - moving the body as a way to release all the physical and emotional tension in the body that builds up from our modern lifestyle, meditation - to calm and strengthen the mind, to quieten that inner critical and restless voice that holds so many of us back from achieving all that we could do.

By the end of the class, my hope is that you step off the mat feeling energised, balanced and inspired to deepen your practice, for mental wellbeing as well as physically, on and off the mat.

  • 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga London)
  • Certified Personal Trainer Level 3