30 Day Home to Wholeness Challenge
Mindfulness & Meditation
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About this series
Please sign up to receive daily emails at: This past year has been challenging us to FEEL, because it is only through feeling (the good, the bad, and everything in between), and through connecting with ourselves, that we can return home to ourselves - to our truths, to our magnificence, to our wholeness. This 30 Day Challenge has been designed to help you on your journey back to yourself, through coaching, meditation, breathwork and movement.

Videos included in this series

Day 1 - Values

Values help us to create the kind of future we would like to experience and determine how we show up in life. “Values” as a word often gets thrown around, but many of...
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Day 2 - Wrist Exercises

Wrist exercises help to keep the wrists flexible and strong, and help our range of motion while preventing stress injuries. Without the right mobility and strength our...
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Day 3 - Core/Inner Fire

Today's class is about our core, but not just the physical core - our inner core as well, representing our center of vitality; our power and passion. Our core is the...
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Day 4 - Purpose

Knowing our purpose and having meaning in our lives also gives us a sense of place, which in turn gives us a sense of belonging - something I spent most of my life...
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Day 5 - Introduction to Breath, Ujjayi and Box Breat

In this video, I will talk you through prana (life force) and help you better understand pranayama (breath) such as yoga's ujjayi breath. I will also share with you my...
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Day 6 - Wall Drills/ Leaning into Support

Asking for help can be hard and sometimes leaning on support in our practice can be too. There is so much about our practice that mirrors our lives. We are hardwired...
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Day 7 - I Know This Much Is True Meditation

Time to sit back and relax as I guide you through a 10 minute meditation on truths we all need to spend more time acknowledging and accepting. Allow yourself to simply...
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Day 8 - Goals

Before we go into practices for setting up our goals for success, we need to spend a bit of time looking deeper into what our goals really are. Keeping in mind that...
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Day 9 - Back Health

Do you struggle with back discomfort? The truth is that most of us do, and we do so for lack of a better understanding of our anatomy and the impacts of our sedentary...
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Day 10 - Nadi Sodhana

In this video I talk you through alternate nostril breathing, called Nadi Sodhana, as we strive to find balance in our breath and mind-body. This is a powerful...
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Day 11 - Our Energetic Vibration Meditation

In this video I guide you through another meditation, about our energetic vibration. Self-awareness is so important. Studies of the brain have shown that changing...
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Day 12 - Understanding Our Emotions

If thoughts are the language of the mind, then perhaps our emotions are the language of our body. We already focus a lot on our minds – trying to understand our...
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Day 13 - Anti-desk Yoga

Sitting all day can wreak havoc on our body, in particular our thoracic spine, neck and hip flexors. In this video I will take you through some nice yoga movements you...
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Day 14 - My Hopes For You Meditation

Sit back and relax as I guide you through another meditation all about my hopes for you ❤️
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Day 15 - People Pleasing & Boundaries

There seems to be a direct correlation between people pleasing and boundaries. Throughout life, it is vital for us to know and understanding what our limits...
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Day 16 - Kapalabhati Breath

Kapalabhati, (fire breath or skull shining breath) is a more advanced and powerful style of pranayama that helps to heats the body. It is an energizing practice that...
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Day 17 - Hips & Healing

As we spend so much time seated, it's little surprise we struggle with tight hips, but often we don't realise that tightness in the hips isn't just physical. In this...
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Day 18 - Dealing with Stress & Anxiety

We get personally invested – emotionally and/or mentally – in the outcome of things we desire and the moment we feel we have lost control, stress and anxiety rear...
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Day 19 - Strong Glutes

The glutes muscles are responsible for hip extension, internal rotation, and abduction of the hip, that when strong, can help to prevent and avoid muscle imbalances...
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Day 20 - Challenging Our Beliefs Meditation

Today we move on to exploring our thoughts and those we convince ourselves of that hold us back - our limiting beliefs. Enjoy this meditation all about challenging our...
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Day 21 - Limiting Beliefs & Imposter Syndrome

Despite our accomplishments, we somehow keep pulling ourselves back into not enoughness and imposter syndrome. We tell ourselves stories over and over that we convince...
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Day 22 - Arm Balances & Self Belief

Don't let the thought of arm balances keep you away from this video! This video is more about our mind playing tricks on us and holding us back - arm balances are just...
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Day 23 - Moving Meditation

Do you find meditation intimidating or stressful even? Sometimes if we struggle with stress, anxiety or depression, sitting in silence allowing our thoughts to flow...
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Day 24 - Affirmations Meditation

Affirmations are statements that are repeated in order to help uplift us. It may seem simple, but a set of positive words can dramatically improve our mental...
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Day 25 - Embracing Creativity with Sock Drills

Everyone has the capacity to be creative, whether we realise it or not. By tapping into our creative side, we find new ways to look at things that can provide us with...
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Day 26 - Shadow Work

Our shadow is what we would call the dark side of our personality that consists of our more negative emotions and all that we deny ourselves. It is everything we...
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A Meditation in Isolation

I share something I wrote during the first lockdown in this meditation to help us navigate the struggles we have inevitably been facing during this challenging time. I...
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Day 28 - The Power of Our Words

Our words have incredible power. They shape our beliefs, which in turn drive our behaviour and essentially create our world. They hold both emotional and energetic...
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Day 29 - Chakra Meditation

This meditation guides us through each chakra with centering thoughts and affirmations to help us find alignment and clarity as we journey home to ourselves.
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Day 30 - When In Doubt, Dance It Out

You've made it to the end of our challenge - well done! It took commitment to get here and I hope you have enjoyed this journey back to yourself. Watch this video, and...
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