Mandala Vinyasa Flows
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About this series
These creative sequences bring a balanced flow that utilises the yoga mat in a 360 way. Work with specific body parts, themes and peak postures as you make your way around your mat in fluid motion.

Videos included in this series

Bloom Where You Are Planted

This is a grounding mandala flow with a focus on our hamstrings as we connect with our deep roots to help us blossom. Enjoy fun and creative transitions as we work our...
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A dynamic, sweaty and fun mandala vinyasa class that focusses on full body strength and mobility as we move around our mats. Using the theme of expression - our...
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Rainbow Warrior

A very special community flow (and student favourite!) Move creatively around your mat in this lovely mandala flow that repeats twice so that you can move with your...
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Side Body Mandala Flow

This is a strong/dynamic practice focusses on the side body - side plank, forearm side plank, side crow. It is an open level class with plenty of modifications when...
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Booty & Balance Mandala Vinyasa Flow

This class is all about strengthening our glutes as we play with balance - both standing and arm balances (eka pada koundinyasana in particular). Enjoy a creative flow...
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Strong Back, Soft Heart Mandala Flow

This class continues our work on strengthening the right body parts to helps us open our heart, physically and emotionally. As we work toward backbends, we need to...
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Air Mandala Vinyasa Flow

In this creative one hour class, we open our hearts as we focus on the theme of embodied movement - of seeing our body as our home and working on strong foundations...
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Water Mandala Flow

In this creative and challenging water-like mandala, we work the groin and hips in particular. Energetically activating Svadhisthana, the Sacral Chakra, our source of...
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Hips & Wrists Mandala Flow

This fun an creative flow will work and strengthen our hips as we give our wrists some TLC all with a class theme of understanding the reason behind the things we...
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Creative Mandala with Grasshopper

This is one of my favourite mandala's in its creativity as we find new ways to move around our mat, working our entire body and playing with fun postures such as...
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Birthday Mandala - Hip Flexors & Inner Thighs

This fun mandala flow has some of my favourite tunes in celebration of my birthday! We focus on strengthening our hip flexors and inner thighs as we move creatively...
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Functional Movement Mandala Flow

This creative mandala flow works with a lot of functional movement, creating awareness for new ways to move around the mat and build strength and mobility in the body.
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Forearm Mandala Flow

Get playful with this forearm focussed mandala flow as we practice moving from our forearms to our hands, building shoulder strength and mobility necessary for...
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Active vs Passive Mandala

This mandala flow sequence is all about identifying the difference between active and passive postures and when they benefit us most.
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Oblique Focussed Mandala

Similar to my Creative Sequence flow, this class takes us around our mat as we work on strengthening our side muscles, the obliques!
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Humble Mandala

This creative mandala flow uses humble warrior and its variations to take us around our mat.
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Grounding Earth Mandala

Earth Mandalas tend to focus on grounding elements and muscles like the hamstrings, which is exactly what this fun and creative flow does as we work our way around our...
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