The Kleshas
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About this series
The kleshas are considered to be afflictions of the mind that cause suffering and are viewed as barriers to enlightenment (Samadhi) in both Buddhism and Hinduism. Having the tools to overcome the challenges we experience in our lives is something Yoga philosophy can help us with.

Videos included in this series

Abhinivesha - Fear

The last of the kleshas, Abhinivesha represents as much a fear of death as it does a deep clinging to life as we know it; a fear of change. This is a beautiful...
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Dvesha - Aversion

Dvesha is our tendency to avoid the things that cause unhappiness. It is the other side of the coin to Raga (attachment) forcing us to see everything as positive or...
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Raga - Attachment

This class focusses on the third Klesha - Raga, which is the attachment to things that cause us pleasure. The trouble with attachment to external things is that they...
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Asmita - the Ego

In yogic philosophy, the ego is essentially everything that blinds us from seeing our True ‘Self.’ This includes the false perception of seeing the mind and body as...
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Avidya - Our Delusional Mind

In Sanskrit, the word vidya means true knowledge - a deep inner knowing and higher wisdom. The prefix ‘a’ essentially means ‘not’, so Avidya naturally represents the...
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