15 Minute Quick Fix Classes
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About this series
These videos are great when you are limited in time, but still want to move your body! Enjoy a wide range of options and styles to give yourself that quick fix ;)

Videos included in this series

Surrender Meditation

Life is a balancing act between effort and surrender. Effort requires work, it is the doing part of our existence. It comes naturally to us as it is the area in our...
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15 Minute Legs

This is a short video all about our legs. Working through drills and some brief stretches, this is a great way to fire up your glutes when you are short on time!
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Lower Body Stretches

This short video is all about stretching the lower half of our body - moving without any rush or excessive effort. 15 minutes to surrender!
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Ankle Mobility

A short video focussed entirely on how to increase ankle mobility through different movements and poses to help you with your yoga practice.
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Unwind From Your Day

A short video to help you unwind from your day by moving and stretching the body, leaving you feeling restored and relaxed.
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Quick Obliques Blast

This is a short 15 minute obliques focussed video, working our side core muscles through drills and strengthening exercises together with some quick stretches. This...
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Fire Up Your Core

A short 15 minute core focussed class, great for when you are short on time! Our core is essential in stabilising the body and protecting our lower back. We talk about...
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Quick Hiit Fix

This short 15 minute class is great to get the body moving and the energy rising through repetitive drills and movements that work the entire body.
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15 Minute Shoulders

A quick class to work on shoulder mobility by going through some strengthening and mobility exercises and stretches.
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