Postnatal Yoga, Recovery & Strength
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In some videos you'll benefit from having blocks, belts/scarves and a chair, this will be indicated in the description.

About this series
Yoga for those wanting to move, to rehabilitate and strengthen their bodies after birth. Most videos suitable even for beginners, and some are more for those who already practiced yoga before pregnancy, which will be explained in the description.

Videos included in this series

Postnatal Quickie to Feel Great and Energised

Postnatal Quickie when your baby is finally napping. The minute s(he)'s down, do this :) All you need is a chair or the edge of a bed, you don't even need a mat. Do it...
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Postnatal Back-bending Yoga Flow

Postnatal Back-bending - Yoga flow designed to lay the foundations for healthy backbends. I designed this for myself when my woman's physio said my body was recovered...
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15 min Baby & Me yoga flow (Postnatal)

15 min Baby & Me yoga flow that is perfect if you want to move, stretch & strengthen a bit and is suitable for both new Mom & Dad (once cleared to exercise by their...
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Super Effective Postnatal yoga for diastasis recti

These 22 mins can help you recover after your pregnancy: improve abdominal separation (diastasis recti) & tone the pelvic floor, while re-building general strength....
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