Pregnancy Yoga
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It is good to have a number of thick cushions or bolsters to support you. It is advised that pregnant women should lie on their side from Week 20 onwards. If you wish to lie on your back, please prop yourself up so that your back is at an angle, with at least 1 or more cushions under your back, and at least 2 but preferably more cushions supporting your upper back, neck and head.

About this series
Classes suitable for pregnant women who have done yoga before - always consult your medical professional before doing any new exercise.

Videos included in this series

3 min Strong Feet, Legs & Booty to support your Body

3 min Strong Foundations - Feet, Legs & Booty to support your body. Do it as a super quick break, eg. while you're waiting for the kettle to boil. Super useful for...
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Strengthening Pregnancy Yoga- Pelvic Stability Focus

Strengthening Pregnancy Yoga- Pelvic Stability Focus, but also working out the whole body, within the framework of Yoga Suitable more for those who already practiced...
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Strengthening Pregnancy Yoga - Foot Focus+Whole Body

This live class focuses on Strengthening the Foot, and also works the Whole Body :) (taught 2 weeks before my due date!) You'll benefit from having some oil or cream...
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Strengthening Pregnancy Yoga - Neck & Shoulder focus

Sweaty but safe, this pregnancy yoga is for those who want a bit more dynamic movement and strengthening during their pregnancy, rather than just soft breathing and...
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Full Body Strengthening Pregnancy Yoga

If you're up for a sweatier pregnancy yoga class this will give you a perfect balance of strengthening functional movement combined with some yoga. Enjoy! Suitable for...
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Pregnancy YogaFlow - WITHOUT Head below Heart

You love a flow but not sure how to modify when you get dizzy if you lower your head? Enjoy this modified for pregnancy class, as long as your doctor has cleared you...
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Pregnancy Yoga 30' Flow - for Intermediate yogis

If you have practiced yoga before your pregnancy and love a flow, here is a 30 min vinyasa flow modified for uncomplicated pregnancies. If you are a beginner you...
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