Rise and Shine
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6 videos


* Mat Always handy to have blocks, blanket, strap and cushions near by but you can practice without :)

About this series
This series hosts 30 minutes of creative flows. Perfect for when you don't have time for a full 60 minute class, but want to awaken, energise and set you up for the day ahead x

Videos included in this series

Warrior Flow

This slow, energising practice is full of vinyasas as we explore the warriors. Warrior 1, warrior 2, peaceful warrior, warrior 3. All encompassed in this delightful...
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Wake up and flow

A wonderful 30 minute practice that gives you the opportunity to open and expand, lengthen and strengthen, tone and relax. A great all rounder
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Gentle Morning Yoga

This is a lovely gentle class to uncurl the body from your nights rest and set you up for the day ahead. 'lovely calming music to ease you into the day. Nothing...
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Sun Salutation Flow

Sun Salutations are just that 'A salute to the sun' In this class will will go through Sun Salutation C with some added flow. This is a wonderful class in the morning...
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Rise with the Sun

30 minute practice perfect for in the mornings when you need a little energy and grounding for the day ahead. Roll out your mat, and come and join me as we move...
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Mandala Flow

Enjoy this mandala flow where we breathe, move and connect to the body. A wonderful energising practice for the day ahead. xcw
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