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Blocks, pillows.

About this series
Here you can find classes with different styles, focuses and lengths. Guaranteed to find something for everyone's needs. You can find Dynamic Vinyasa flows, Gentle Flows (more indicated for beginners) and Yin Yoga classes (open to all). Get the whole series and enjoy exploring all that is offered for a whole month!

Videos included in this series

Vinyasa (Hips focus / Flying Pigeon)

A dynamic vinyasa practice focused on opening the hips and building up to arm balance flying pigeon/eka pada galavasana
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Gentle Flow for the spine

A gentle vinyasa flow class focusing on stretching and strengthening the spine that is accessible to all levels of practice.
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Vinyasa Flow (focus on hips)

Dynamic practice focusing on the opening and strengthening of the hips moving through bird of paradise and koundinyasana/flying splits.
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Yin Yoga for the lower body

Grounding Yin Yoga practice focusing on the lower body. Yin yoga is a stilling practice that cultivates a deep sense of awareness through the release of mind and body...
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Vinyasa (side body/twists focus)

A 70 minute fiery practice that focuses on the side body and twists and builds up to side crow (arm balance).
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